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It is Uncertain what you will find,
but be certain it will be FUN!

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Who We Are

Funcertainty Box LLC is a startup board game design and development company based in Kansas City.

Our goal is to bring you games that re-imagine familiar board game mechanics while simultaneously imearsing you in a world brimming with story and lore.

Welcome to our page, and we hope you find something you like here!

Our Game

Miasmatic Mayhem is a cooperative game where you must save a city from impending doom. Do you and your friends have what it takes?



Not all of the art that is made makes it into the game. Take a look at our concept art to see how our ideas grew and changed over time.

Interested in illustrating? Send us a message and let's work together!

Meet our Team!

Say hello to the real-world characters and check out their stats!

Keyboard and Mouse

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