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"Gridley: A Bold Leap"

"Gridley looks like the beginning of a well thought-out world full of intrigue and stakes. With a character who feels like a genuinely likable D&D protagonist, readers can get behind his journey. The other characters don’t even feel like extras, but people with their own lives and struggles at just a glimpse. It all feels like something you could spend hours in. So this issue gets 9/10."

-Review by Fracadactyl on Gutternaut

"Pullbox Reviews Gridley #1: The Exile - An eye popping, left-of-center fantasy by Sid Quaid"

"Gridley: The Exile is a fantastic dive into a fantasy world that’s a step to the left of the norm. Even calling it a Weird Western is taking away some of the whimsey this story’s being built on. Readers looking for something new, different, and fun to look at might want to give it a try. It’s as distinctive a comic as anything you’re going to find anywhere else."

-Review by Paul,

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