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Miasmatic Mayhem

Miasmatic Mayhem


v 1.0.0


In Miasmatic Mayhem, you face a seemingly unstoppable force known only as The Miasma, a gigantic rampaging storm that seems to have a mind of its own.


YOUR TEAM: You comprise of 2 to 4 skilled vigilantes, each with their own unique characteristics, personalized gear, and reason for answering the call. ​


MISSION: To cooperate. To coordinate your movements. To track down what is causing this catastrophe and stop it before the whole city collapses. ​


YOUR COMPLICATION: Thanks to this blasted Miasma you don’t know what you are about to walk into until it hits you square in the nose. There’s been reports of monsters and traps too, so proceed with CAUTION!


If you can outrun The Miasma as it destroys the city one block at a time, then you will earn the total victory you seek. If not, then it’s certain death that awaits you.


Miasmatic Mayhem is an original game that takes place in a post-dystopian, alternate reality to Kansas City. All the Locations found in this box are based on notable landmarks in the greater Kansas City area. You may see recognizable locations such as Union Station, The Nelson Atkins Museum, the Kaufman Center, and much, much more.


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