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Thank you!

Thank you to all of our incredible Kickstarter Backers who helped make Miasmatic Mayhem a reality! You have helped support the arts and the entire creative team at Funcertainty Box is forever grateful to you. You made Bartle Haven real, and now it’s in peril from the Miasmatic Mayhem that fills it. It’s up to you to get your friends together to save it.

Miasmatic Mayhem

55 backers pledged $10,285 to help bring this project to life:

Abram J Zuniga, Adrianna, Alan Hainkel, Andrey Poleleyev, Andy Vaughn, Anna the Terrible, Annemarie O’ffill, Ariel Plummer, Benton Glaze, Brian Lovdahl, Caitlin & Jon Wright, Cameron Higbe, Captain Robert the Dread, Casey Corbett, Chase Rossman, Colton Thompson, David Anderson, Elijah (Hastur) Shadle, Emily Worth, Eric Van Horn, Gavin Carter, Glenn Crocker, Guillaume Noël, Hunter “Ex Machina” Meyer Esquire, Ian Coon, Jaymac, Jean-Luc Etienne, Jocelyn & Richard Harper, Joe Burkard, Jordan Corsaut, Karen Lieffring, Kathleen Holland, Katie Coen, Kelsey Kincaid, Kendyl Leigh McDougald, Mark Southam, Mike Allison, Olga Pole, Paul & Catherine Spencer, Sarah Carlson, Scot McNary, Seth Honerman, Spencer, Stephen Arico, Tanya & Alex, The Gilmans, Theresa Carter, Timothy Donelow, Trevor Belt, Valerie Martin, Zelby Nelson

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